Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vintage Window Shopping on Etsy

I love window shopping on Etsy.  I can spend hours virtually roaming through the different shops.  My favorite category to sift through is vintage--you'd be amazed at all the great pieces out there.  I have never purchased any furniture or home accessory pieces from Etsy, but let's just say that if I had some extra money lying around, this is what I would have bought last night.

Love these chairs for my living room and that price tag isn't bad AT ALL.   

Miso Vintage / $130

Hollywood Regency is just so sexy to me.  These chairs would find their way to my bedroom.  

If you haven't noticed already, I'm a sucker for anything brass, Lucite and black and white.  That chandelier is gorgeous.

Not vintage, but how cool is this Lucite cake plate!

Modern Lucite Cake Stand
Green Zebre / $27

Art Deco Statement Earrings - Iridescent Gold Mirror Laser Cut Jewel Acrylic Perspex
 FabParlor / $SOLD

I also have my eye on these Art Deco inspired earrings.

I came across a cool shop, The Papaya Tree, that restyles vintage furniture. 

Custom made to order vintage dresser in Lacquer finish

Dresser Custom Order Tangerine Tango Dresser Hollywood Regency meets Spring 2012

Custom Orders - Storage Organization Dresser Bedroom Furniture

My total for this haul (minus The Papaya Tree items since they are custom ordered)...$1,699.00.  Good thing I was window shopping or I would have had a lot of explaining to do to Bruce.

Has anyone ever purchased any vintage items from Etsy?


  1. not me...maybe I should start window shopping!

    1. It's the best, and you walk away feeling less guilty! I don't know anyone that has. For the more expensive items, I'm a little bit apprehensive---it's risky. However, for smaller items, I'm game to try it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I just want to share an absolutely horrible experience I had with Papaya Tree so no one else goes through what we went through in dealing with them. I almost never write negative reviews, but this experience was so bad, I have to take action.

    BUYER BEWARE! I cannot express how upset and frustrated I am by this entire process. I ordered this piece, along with a matching smaller chest of drawers back in July. Leslie first dropped the ball on finding a matching chest (wasn't available at time of large chest order) so I followed up almost a month later. Then she started to look for one. She found one and sent me a pic to approve. I placed the order that day. Months went by. I patiently waited. I followed up in October, as I had heard nothing and Leslie assured me they would ship in the next couple of weeks. The week I was expecting them to ship, I had heard nothing so followed up again. She said they now wouldn't ship till Nov. I remained patient and asked her to confirm they would ship before her vacation. She assured me yes. 2 days before her vacation, I'd heard nothing, so followed up. She said they now wouldn't be finished until week after her vacation (2 weeks out) & would ship that week. I followed up a few days after her vacation bc heard nothing. She said they'd be ready to ship by week's end. Saturday, she FINALLY said they were done (now 6 weeks past scheduled delivery), but had no schedule for trucking and would contact them (she had told me earlier that week she already had contacted them to schedule for that weekend). I asked for pics to at least see the pieces. Days went by-no pics, no schedule. I followed up AGAIN on Wed, and she said she'd send that night. Today I finally got pics of the small chest..still none of large chest. IT IS THE WRONG PIECE AND DOESNT MATCH! She said the piece I ordered was no longer available (even though I approved and ordered it same day) and instead of letting me know and finding another piece for me to review and approve, she just took the liberty of picking another piece on her own. NEVER EVEN LETTING ME KNOW IN THE MONTHS AND MONTHS SINCE. She was very unapologetic (gave me a generic 'sorry for any inconvenience'), offered no negotiation or comp, and cancelled my order as her solution. So after months of patient anticipation and then major disappointment I'm without furniture. I'm currently in touch with etsy dealing with the situation, but I urge you DO NOT order from this horrible shop!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this shop! Oh no! Sorry that was so crazy for you and that you didn't even get your item(s). How has the process with Etsy gone?