Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Office Space of the Day

You're not going to believe the glam below!

Designer: Catherine Kwong Design
Type:        Home Office
Client:      San Francisco Decorator's Showcase. Imagined client
                 is a super successful fashion blogger.
Why I 
love this 
office:      It's rich and luxurious.  The Blackman Cruz geometric light
                fixture is amazing.  Love the desk.  There's tons of storage space that is both
                beautiful and functional, and custom shelving loaded
                with tons of inspiration. This is the type of home office where
                you don't show up in pajamas.You show up in stilettos!

B4_Left_by Bess Friday.jpg


B1_by Bess Friday.jpg

B2_Right_by Bess Friday.jpg


What do you think?


  1. LOVE it. Ok, its pretty much not something I could see myself enjoying but everything seems to go well together. Great share.

    1. Hey Ardourliene! I could totally see myself working in this office, although I must admit wth my current line of work I wouldn't get any work done--my head would be in the clouds all day lol. Thanks for stopping by!