Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gladiator Reporting For Duty

My name is Ebony, and I am a Scandal addict.  I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a gladiator, and that I have spent the past couple of months watching the calendar, waiting for Season 3 of Scandal to start.  The third season starts tonight!  I'm sure, along with all my fellow gladiators, we have been thinking about Pope & Associates all day.  What better way to get ready than to flash through some of my favorite Liv pieces.

What I love the most about Olivia Pope's style is that it's incredibly chic.  However, it's not unattainable chic.  It's chic that we all can do.  Most of us spend our days going into the office and it gets difficult to pull down high fashion looks and trends and still be professional and appropriate.  Liv does it effortlessly, from her makeup and hair to shoes and purses.  Simply stated, Lyn Paolo, Scandal's costume designer, is a BEAST.

My favorite pieces in her wardrobe are her jackets.  Her collection is unbelievable.  These three are some of my favorites from season 1 and 2.

My favorite is the pastel pink Armani jacket in the middle.  But the one on the left is a runner-up.  The gloves just take it over the edge.  Do you remember when Liv wore that to rush to David's aid after he woke up with a naked dead woman in his bed?  I loved where Shonda Rhimes took David's character last season--I still can't believe he turned out to be such a traitor.  I knew he was depressed and his relationship with Liv was never perfect but I never saw that one coming.  Did you?

Olivia Pope in Escada
ABC, Escada, Chic For All

This is my favorite of Liv's formal looks.  The black and white Escada dress, the hair and the makeup are perfect. Let's switch to another scene because the purse she wore that night was right up my alley.


I also really like this Jean Fares gown she wore in the scene where the president got shot.

Usually my husband and I watch Scandal eating chinese or pizza and drinking a bottle of wine.  I promised him that I would not watch Scandal until he came home so that we could watch it together on Demand.  But, I just don't know if I can hold out on watching it.  

Do you have any Scandal rituals?  How do you watch Scandal?

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