Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lonny Loves

I know I'm a bit late, but, I just got the chance to check out Lonny Magazine's March 2013 issue. Whoa! Are there some pieces I absolutely adore!

Loving this retro-inspired cocktail table by Pearson Furniture.  What has me swooning the most is the materials---gilded wood rings and white leather!

Really like this settee from Furbish...and those floor to ceiling windows might I add.  There's nothing like an apartment in the City.

I've noticed that I'm not big on art--I can never find pieces I like and usually prefer to adorn my walls in photography, however this custom Caitlin McGauly piece makes me happy.  It's the star of the room and rightfully should be! I love how it is so playful and one of my favorite patterns-polka dots!

Starburst Statue

This Waiting on Martha Starburst is such a beautiful accessory.  Modern glam!

I'm really feeling the details on this Vulcain Jekyll lamp---the key on the side turns the light on and off. 

Why have I been so busy, you ask? Well, I started some consultant work with a charter school network.  Yep, you heard right! Finally! And being self-employed feels dern great!  Thank you Jesus is all I can say.

Also, as promised, here's a pic of my new little niece, Sydney Olivia with her dad (my bro-in-law).  She's beautiful, right!

Make it a great day today! 

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