Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mid-Week Inspiration: CWB Architects

It's hump day and here's a little inspiration to take you through the rest of the week! Friday is almost here!

I have absolutely no words to describe the amazing-ness and talent that is CWB Architects (they're based in NYC)!   I pulled some pics from their projects in Brooklyn just in case you don't believe me ;).

That stove!

Loving the mirror and the ottoman

How's that for NYC living!

Images via CWB Architects


  1. Love it. All of it. That is my dream backyard space. Lady L.

    1. I love the huge window/doors. I could eat dinner out there all spring and summer!

  2. Love the nice clean lines and bright colors, that kitchen is sick, and the amazing part is that the space isn't that large. Goes to show that a small space can be trendy as well. I think I will make a few changes after the holidays and finish the kitchen. keep the photos coming, now that I work I can get some things done. Love the open concept as well as the large windows and doors, it's almost like being outside while inside. Love it, Love it, Love it...

    Mrs. C

    1. Yay for being able to finish the kitchen soon!