Monday, December 3, 2012

Love it or Leave it? Pagoda Print Wallpaper

What do you think of when you hear wallpaper? I know for a lot of people their first thought is their grandmothers house.  However, papered walls can be stunning and add so much interest and texture to your room.

Typically, I lean towards striped, textured or geometrical shapes on wallpaper but one of the prints that is growing on me is the Pagoda print.  Pagodas are tiered towers with multiple eaves and can be found in places like Japan, China and Nepal.  When I first came across this print, I thought it was too busy.  But, my mind changed when I saw this entry way

and it changed some more when I saw this vignette

and even more after seeing this hall and stairway

Would you decorate with this print?

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