Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eye Candy: Goodman Hanging Lamp

Today, I discovered the Visual Comfort's Goodman Hanging Lamp.  I know, I'm late! It's a part of the Thomas O'Brien collection, and designers have been putting them up for quite a while now....

I love the white shade with the gold peeking out at you from the inside. 

{Images via Coto de Texas}
I'm so distracted by the calcutta marble countertops!

Love the clean lines and that they come in different finishes and will mix well with any style.  

{Image via La Dolce Vita Blog-Pinterest}

I like them in the kitchen--I mean, they look like a "kitchen light".  However, I think I would switch it up and put them in another room, like a home office...

{Image via Decor Pad}

Or maybe even the corner of a living room


  1. I like them in the kitchen and even in the office, not to sure about the living room in the corner is fine if over a table decorated with a couple of books. Yet in the photo it's not in the corner enough or maybe it's the ceiling that's throwing me off. I feel it should be a little more in the corner to the left. Keep the photos coming, I agree the nice clean lines are refreshing.

    Mrs. C

    1. I do see what you're saying but think it's in a great place on the ceiling to allow for it to be centered above the table. If hung more towards the corner, it wouldn't visually be in the correct spot over the table. Which one did you like more? the brass, black or white?