Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grown Up Room for Little People

It seems like I am quickly becoming the only one of my friends without children--children are everywhere!  I have often said that when I have kids, I want to make sure their rooms flow seamlessly with the rest of our home.  While I want their rooms to reflect their innocence, I also want it to be more of a "grown up room for little people".

Designer Amanda Nisbet seems to understand exactly what I mean!  Take a look at her son and daughter's room.

Such a big girl's room, right?!!

And here's her son's room...

These two rooms below scream cool!  The little girls must be so full of their own little personalities and unique.  I love both beds! 

Here's some more...

Boys Bedroom
I think this room is absolutely adorable for a little boy!

boy's rooms - purple modern sofa orange pillows twin bed white nightstands orange lamp toys  Peter Pawlak Photography  purple & red modern boy's

Cute toddler boy room!
A more modern approach!

Using an old periodic chart for wall art. Vintage boy bedroom style!    Iwantt

boy's rooms - blue walls red rug yellow red geometric fabric upholstered wingback bed pink pillows  Fantastic boy's bedroom design with blue

boy's rooms - orange pink brown green pink polka dot striped pillows bedding twin beds swing beds chocolate brown walls tripod lamp orange leather pouf

boy's rooms - Chipper Arizona/Denton red tan pillows gray walls black vintage chest orange geometric rug white lamp black wood letters linen nailhead trim twin headboard

girl's rooms - orange curtains orange pink girls room  Girls room  Orange drapes, rustic bed, eames rocking chair and pom poms.

modern bedroom with bunk beds
This is my favorite!!!

boy's rooms - Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper woods wallpaper wainscoting gray wainscoting blue roman shade purple and red rug Persian rug white storage daybed stripe bedding modern dresser

Who knows--maybe I'll feel differently once I see their little faces.  Do these rooms make you feel like your kids are growing up too fast?  What do you think? Too grown up or just right?


  1. I think it's just right. I also believe the children's room should flow with the rest of the house. The picture of the boys room that looks like a world traveler. I think I child's room give them a space to let their mind wonder and explore. If we expose them to things while they are young they'll want to continue them when they grow older. So expose their little minds to fashion, world travel and whatsoever is good.
    Great job Ebony.

    1. I don't think it takes anything away, though, from those who do like the more character based thematic bedrooms. I think it's just a matter of taste...

  2. I love all the rooms. As a parent you don't want to continously spend money to "upgrade" your child's room. These rooms are rooms that will grow with them and they don't have that character-themed look that they grow out of every year. I didn't know you had a gift for design. I have a whole house that could use your touch, if you ever want to build your portfolio you can start at 38 GRIFFIN Home. We would be most appreciative.

    1. You're always so supportive of me--thanks! I will take you up on that offer!

  3. Though nice, I like to see a nursery for newborns. These are nice for older children as I've not seen a crib, although I believe when purchasing furniture it should be something that can grow with the child. It's always wise to use photos and wall are rather than painting murels. These rooms are very nice and I'm sure your sister and brother can use your help in decorating the space for SOC. I'm excited because after the holidays I will be making some changes to my space and asking your opinion. Great job Ebony, keep up the good work.