Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pops of Hermes Orange

Happy Hump Day ladies and 'gents!  It's still cold here in NJ (in case you were wondering :)), and I find myself constantly searching for ways to pick myself up out of this cold winter blues.  Yesterday, I watched the Travel Channel on demand all day.  Samantha Brown went to Jamaica, yet again, and the scenes of her frolicking in her bikini and hiking up the Dunn's River still didn't quite quench my thirst for summer.  So, I turned to design for a pick me up.  And, I found it.

There is just something about Hermes orange that makes me smile.  It's just one of those colors that I'm constantly finding myself drawn to.  It gives me life when I see it. Here's a couple of rooms with pops of this citrus-y and bold color...

Like those orange coffee tables and stripes on the wall!

Eddie Ross - dens/libraries/offices - gold, lamp, glossy, black, desk, orange, accents,  Amazing office vignette with gold lamp, glossy black


This bathroom is sexy with the black ceiling and brass fixings.  

Love the Hermes orange table top with the dining chairs upholstered in a Greek key pattern. 

What's one of those colors that just gives you life?

Images via Hermes, Eddie Ross, Artistic Design for Living, Ballard Designs on Pinterest, Ken Fulk Design

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