Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where would you do your makeup?

I usually do my makeup in one of three places---the bathroom, in the mirror over my bedroom dresser or scrambling in the car at each stop light.  I'm sad to say that I do my hair in some of those same places too.   A couple of months ago, Bruce bought me a vintage vanity for my birthday from a local thrift store. I plan to rework it this spring, and I can't wait to put it to use.

I was reading Glamour Magazine online this morning and decided to ask you guys the same question.  Here's a round up of vanities from Pinterest-- if you had your choice, which would be your perfect place to do your makeup?

Vanity 1: Rustic, Muted Vintage

makeup vanity   # Pinterest++ for iPad #

Vanity 2: Lights, camera, action!

always wanted one of these, with the lights around it like an old hollywood starlet :)

Vanity 3: Sleek, Wood-grained, a Little Shine and Marble

makeup vanity

Vanity 4: Mirrored and Girly

makeup vanity

Vanity 5: White, a Little Flirty and Simple

Vanity room, makeup room pretty and simple

Vanity 6: Sophisticated and Feminine 

a fancy vanity to do makeup and hair at

Vanity 7: Modern with Pops of Color

Modern Makeup Table

Vanity 8: Glitzy and Wild
Roundup: Awesome Vanities and Makeup Tables

Vanity 9: Eclectic

Shabby to Chic Vanity  Think twice before dismissing a throwback piece such as this vintage vanity. Bits of fabric and scrapbook paper transform this traditional dressing table into a chic collectable that provides plenty of space to display jewelry, nail polish, and perfumes

Vanity 10: Old School Glam

Lovely Makeup Table

I pick Vanity #8! Which would you do your makeup at?


  1. Hi Ebony! So nice to stumble across your blog this evening! I think I would actually wear makeup on a regular basis if I had a nice vanity such as these. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.