Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Pretties

Morning! Happy Monday!  I'm sorry I was MIA last week...I had some issues that needed my undivided attention but all is well now :).

It's still freezing here in Jersey, but the sun is shining so there's not much else I can ask for!  I found some pretties to help kick off our week.  

I am drooling over this stove. I really like the accessories, especially the tea pot and the oversized decanters.

What a gorgeous fridge and freezer!

The chandelier is amazing! I like the way it looks so dainty and feminine amidst all the marble.

I'll take those chairs now, thanks!  That view in the background isn't too bad either.

Love this nook and with the jelly fish pendant and table. 

Marble is definitely a must have in my dream kitchen so I'm feeling the fact that it is everywhere in these kitchens!

What's a must have for your dream kitchen?

{Images via O'Brien Harris}

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