Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decor Idea: Monogrammed Door Wreaths

This will probably be the first of many Christmas posts this holiday season!  Who doesn't love Christmas and there's so many different ways you can modernize and put a spin on traditions.  I've noticed some cool DIY trends in monogrammed door wreaths this year

Gather some ornaments of your favorite color, a Styrofoam wreath and a glue gun.  Paint a wooden letter in a matching color, add some glitter and don't forget the bow. Voila!

Glue Christmas berries from the craft store onto a wooden letter and hang with ribbon. This is pretty. 

Missy, of Lookie What I Did blog, took a basic wreath and painted a wooden letter then tied a burlap bow around the letter.  This is a great look for Christmas or year round.

Back in 2010, Carrie @ Dittle Dattle Blog made a great tutorial for a fresh cedar monogrammed wreath. Click here  for her tutorial. 

This red one made of red Christmas faux berries is my favorite.

Do you plan to try out one of these this holiday season?  Have any creative ideas for door wreaths?

Images via Adorable Decor  Pinterest Home and Garden  unless noted

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